Searching for Accommodation in Port Stephens, Shoal Bay, Nelson Bay, and Fingal Bay

As you start planning your trip to the Port Stephens area, one of the first important steps to take is finding the right accommodation. PRDnationwide Port Stephens has long experience with helping visitors to this area, and can offer many different types of holiday rentals.

Choosing the Right Style of Accommodation in Shoal Bay

PRDnationwide Port Stephens has different sizes of apartments, houses, duplexes, and even villas available just a short distance from the beaches of Shoal Bay, Nelson Bay, and Fingal Bay. Some rentals are closer to the water, though others further inland are also available if you&'re looking for a less beach-oriented holiday.

Along with different sizes, and different styles of homes such as multi-unit or detached houses, PRDnationwide Port Stephens has accommodation in Fingal Bay and nearby neighbourhoods that can work for whatever your budget level is. Some are more easily affordable, while more luxurious homes and villas are also available.

For weddings and other celebrations, many villas and larger houses available will fit extended families and other large groups. PRDnationwide Port Stephens can help you find accommodation in Shoal Bay or other parts of the Port Stephens area that will work for your special events as well as for more ordinary beach holidays.

What to Do Near Accommodation in Nelson Bay

As a longtime resort community with easy access from Sydney, the Port Stephens area offers a wide variety of water sports and beach activities. These include sea kayaking, scuba diving or snorkeling, surfing, and even shark feeding throughout the year. There are also boating activities available throughout the nearby bays, including fishing, dolphin and whale watching, and cruises through Nelson Bay.

Outside of the water, there are plenty of other ways available to enjoy the beach. Camel or horse rides and buggy tours can all take you through the beautiful scenery of the sand dunes as well as along the shore. Parasailing is a more unique way available to enjoy the landscape.

Farther inland, there are other places, including golf courses, breweries that make some of Australia&'s best craft beer, and an RAAF base with fighter jets open for viewing, any or all of which you and your family may be interested in.

There is also accommodation in Nelson Bay available close to the marina, which offers shopping and dining choices as well as live music and other occasional free shows. The marina is a good place to find a variety of boat, Jet Ski, or dive courses, as well as equipment hire. Even if you don&'t plan on any boating activities, there&'s plenty to do in the area throughout the year.

Whether you&'re planning a holiday in Fingal Bay or other parts of the Port Stephens area, PRDnationwide Port Stephens can help you find a comfortable size and type of accommodation that will also be close by to the activities and attractions you&'re looking for.