Family Activities for You and Your Pets at Holiday Rentals in Port Stephens, Shoal Bay, Nelson Bay, and Fingal Bay

Beach holidays at the harbour in Port Stephens, just a few hours northeast of Sydney, offer plenty of different opportunities to have fun. Depending on what your family likes to do and how many people are in your group, PRDnationwide Port Stephens can help you find convenient holiday rentals for whatever your needs are.

Pet Friendly Holiday Rentals in Port Stephens

Many of our holiday rentals in Shoal Bay and other parts of the harbour region are wiling to accommodate pets along with the rest of your family members. This can be an easier way for your family to travel than boarding your pets in a kennel or having friends or family members watch them while you&'re gone. It can also be an easily affordable way to care for your pet on holiday.

Bringing your pet along can make your trip more enjoyable for everyone. There are a few details you may want to look for along with whether or not your pets are allowed. For dogs, especially larger ones, you&'ll be looking for detached holiday rentals, in Fingal Bay or other nearby neighbourhoods that have yards you and your dog will be able to run around in. Farther inland, PRDnationwide Port Stephens has properties with close access to other spaces, like sand dunes or the green areas around golf courses, where you can exercise with your pets.

During the summer, when you bring your pets along you may want to make sure to find a listing that has air conditioning. Your furrier pets may need more help than you in staying comfortable.

Planning Your Vacation at Holiday Rentals in Nelson Bay

PRDnationwide Port Stephens can offer rentals of different sizes and styles, including apartments, houses, villas, and duplexes. There are holiday rentals in Fingal Bay, Nelson Bay, and Shoal Bay available, depending on what you&'re planning on doing.

Each of these bays offers plenty of boating and other watersport activities, especially at the marina at Nelson Bay. There, you&'ll be able to hire boats and boating or diving equipment as well as taking lessons in snorkelling, different types of diving, or Jet Skiing. More adventurous visitors can even try parasailing.

Aside from the water, the marina area also offers plenty of dining and shopping options. There are also regular live music shows and other outdoor events that you may be able to bring your children and pets along to.

Holiday rentals from PRDnationwide Port Stephens are also available in other parts of the Port Stephens area. In some cases you&'ll be able to find access to outdoor space for you and your pets to play in if that&'s what you&'re looking for. For the rest of the family, there are plenty of additional activities like golfing and visits to wineries or high-quality breweries available.

A holiday in Port Stephens offers plenty of entertainment for everyone in your group, and the staff at PRDnationwide Port Stephens knows the area well enough to help you find accommodations that will fit your group and your plans.