Planning Your Holiday with Port Stephens Real Estate in Shoal Bay, Nelson Bay, and Fingal Bay

Not far northeast of Sydney, the Port Stephens harbour area has been a popular holiday destination for several decades now. With easy access to the city, it&'s a good place to get away. Your trip can be improved with good deals on Port Stephens real estate and attentive service from PRDnationwide Port Stephens.

Activities Near Fingal Bay Real Estate

Fingal Bay real estate, like other parts of the area, offers close access to beaches. PRDnationwide Port Stephens has apartments conveniently located for kayaking, scuba diving or snorkelling, surfing, and even shark feeding throughout the year. There are also a variety of cruises available through different parts of the area, including Nelson Bay, where you&'ll be able to enjoy the scenery and see a range of aquatic wildlife up close.

While fishing or dolphin and whale watching are available either from out in Shoal Bay and other parts of the Port Stephens area or from on land, there are plenty of non-water oriented activities available as well. Dune tours and horse or camel riding are available as other ways to make use of the beach area near Nelson Bay real estate.

Further off from the harbour, you can also find more land-based activities such as golfing or breweries and wineries available to visit. Some of Australia&'s best craft beer can be found in the area. All of this, with abundant natural beauty and wildlife both on land and in the water, make Port Stephens and the surrounding bays an ideal place to visit.

Choosing Your Accommodations from Shoal Bay Real Estate

When planning a holiday in Port Stephens, one of the first things you&'ll need is convenient real estate. PRDnationwide Port Stephens offers high quality accommodations of different sizes and styles to fit the needs you and your family may have, including houses, duplexes, and villas. There are many units available only a short walk from Shoal Bay, Fingal Bay, and other nearby beaches.

Depending on what type of accommodation you&'re looking for, you can find properties at a pricing level that will work for your budget plans and for your group. PRD Nationwide offers affordable Fingal Bay real estate for many different budget levels as well as more luxurious apartments and holiday homes.

Along with longer or shorter holidays, accommodations may also be available near the Port Stephens bay areas for special events. Villas and other types of houses can provide a unique and beautiful setting for weddings and other celebrations. We have holiday homes available in Nelson Bay and nearby neighbourhoods that will be comfortable for either large or small groups, whether for a weekend event or longer.

If you&'re looking for premium apartments or houses near the beach, PRDnationwide Port Stephens can work with you to help put together the trip that you and your family or friends are looking for.