Finding Pet Friendly Real Estate in Port Stephens for Shoal Bay, Nelson Bay, and Fingal Bay

Holiday travel means making all the members of your family comfortable. When you have pets, travelling with them may require special considerations. PRDnationwide Port Stephens will help you find real estate for your Port Stephens holiday that can accommodate your pet along with the rest of your family.

Pet Friendly Holidays at Real Estate on Nelson Bay

The Nelson Bay marina offers cafés, shows, and other events in a casual outdoor setting, including docks and beachfront spaces that provide plenty of good opportunities to walk your dog. Further inland, sand dunes and green spaces near golf courses may also be available as open spaces where you can exercise and play with your pet. You&'ll also have easy access to bring your pets along with the rest of your family on boating and fishing trips.

For longer holidays, at real estate on Fingal Bay or other parts of the Port Stephens harbour area, finding pet-friendly real estate offerings can be an affordable and easy alternative to boarding a pet long-term. With help from PRDnationwide Port Stephens, it may also be easier than finding someone who knows your pet and will be able to care for them. This is especially true for animals with special needs, or who provide particular emotional support to your family.

Pet Needs for Real Estate at Shoal Bay

Finding Shoal Bay properties that will accommodate your pet means looking for something that can accommodate their needs as well as allowing them. Dogs, particularly larger ones, and other outdoor pets will need houses, villas, or at least duplexes that have plenty of securely fenced yard space. You&'ll want to make sure the accommodation you choose has space for exercise if needed.

IF you&'re travelling in the summertime, you may also want to make sure that the apartment or house you find has air conditioning. Furrier cats or dogs in particular sometimes need some extra help staying comfortable in the heat.

When you first come to your holiday real estate in Fingal Bay and other neighbourhoods near the harbour, you&'ll need to set up the property to be safe for your pet, similar to childproofing for small children. Keep electrical cords well secured, and anything that could look like a chew toy off the floor or otherwise away from your pet&'s area. Make sure they can&'t get at any plants that may be poisonous, and that open doors and windows that they might escape from are watched.

Bringing enough food and other supplies for your pet, as well as cleaning supplies to take care of any pet hair, deposits, muddy tracks, or other messes that might need to be cleaned up, is an important part of travelling with your pet. Even when staying in pet-friendly accommodations, it&'s a good idea to be prepared.

If you&'re going on holiday to the Port Stephens area with your family and pets, PRDnationwide Port Stephens can help you find an apartment or house that will welcome all of you.